Veículo da imagem da empresa, o logotipo tem um papel estratégico. Concebido para durar, a sua aplicação deve ser particularmente cuidadosa.

Confie a execução do seu logotipo à nossos criadores et terá a segurança de adquiri serviços de uma equipe experiente e com muitas referências.

Seu papel é estratégico. Uma vez desenvolvido, sua concepção é frequentemente inalterada durante anos. Daí a importância de se cuidar bem da sua realização.

Deve fazer parte de sua época, porém, preservado de modismos; tem de expressar personalidade, respeitando os código gráficos de seu setore finalmente, deve ser ajustável e de fácil utilisação.

Os nossos sites incluem a possibilidade de inclusão de muitas animações, imagens, fotos e até vídeos.

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How to create a logo for your business

When you start your business, it is important for you to choose a logo that reflects in a particular way the philosophy of your company. It is the first card of presentation that will be perceived by your potential clients as your smart escort will explain you. Therefore, it is fundamental for you to invest time and originality on creating a perfect symbol capable to remain in the memory of your costumers.

An effective way to express the mission of your company

Although old-school skeptics may regard the brand image as superficial or insignificant, the fact is that it will largely define the success or failure of a company. Probably you have the best business idea in the world and odds may be on your side, but a threshed logo can ruin all your expectations. Resort to the expertise of proficient escorts so they can guide you in the creation of a successful corporate presentation.

A good starting point would be to collect some interesting ideas by means of a brainstorming between you and your delightful companions.

You have to define in brief yet precise terms what characterizes your company. Identify your main product or service and, following the suggestions provided by clever escorts like the ones from, create an initial draft of the image you want to convey. Think about how you perceive your business and how you would like others to see it. After that you can relax visiting the Escort Directory.

It is imperative for you to spend some time studying the logos of companies that work on the same niche. It will help you to create something fresh and original avoiding reusing old ideas.

Catch the attention of your potential customers

Simplicity is the most important feature of an effective logo since to fulfill its purpose it should be easily recognizable as your skilled escort will explain you. Recharged designs are difficult to assimilate and remember because they convey an image of disorder and confusion.

Bear in mind that your logo will appear printed on cards and posters and sewn on T-shirts. It will also be included on the website and all the merchandise of your company.

Therefore, for reasons of economy you will be much more benefited by a simple design. With this purpose in mind, intelligent escorts will provide you some useful advises. Use at most three colors and get rid of all the unnecessary accessories focusing only on the essentials. Choose an easy-to-read typography.

Try to avoid the use of special effects like reflections, gradients and shadows since they are somewhat anachronistic. For that reason, they interfere in a certain way in the message that is sought to project.

A clear example of this statement is the difference between the old and current logo of Apple. At the beginning it had the colors of a rainbow. However, the actual one is designed in a solid black or a gray scale. As your exquisite escort will show you, that simplicity makes this logotype easier to see, something that consumers are grateful for.

Grab your inspiration from logotypes that do not require further explanation like the triangle of Adidas, the Lacoste crocodile or the Instagram camera.

Acquainted escorts will recommend you to resort to hand writing typographic style in order to give your logo a nostalgic and vintage touch.